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About us

NAJ-TAXI Association has been desiring to meet the needs of the customers for many years. We offer the highest quality services, ensuring the culture and friendly service. Important elements of our offer are competitive prices and a wide range of services tailored to the needs of customers.

We have been trusted by thousands of customers! Join them!
» passanger transport
» free drive to a customer (in the field of the city)
» estate cars,
» seven-seater van,
» we have cars with air-conditioning (you can choose such car)
» implementation of prescriptions
» minor shopping by the phone and delivery to the given address
» the service of celebrations, weddings, events, meetings and conferences
» flowers’ and the other gifts’ delivery
» transport of children in the care of the driver
» vehicles’ hauling
» escorting client’s car
» starting up the engine
» permanent charge card – this service consists in that we pay always the same fare
regardless of the traffic, time and festivals
» permanent orders – after the agreement we carry out non-cash rides in the monthly
setting and we draw the VAT invoice
» animals’ transport: Hiring a taxi, it is enough to tell us the type of the animal the client
wants to transport (telling the size is really useful), and we will sent a driver who
is a professional in transporting such passengers
» SAFE TAXI – this service consists in that hiring a taxi you can tell the controller that the
driver is supposed to walk with the client from the door of the house to the taxi.
Home-coming: the driver will walk the client home or wait until the client reaches his
For the safety of our drivers, citizens of Olsztyn and our customers, our corporation is the
part of TAXI OKO system (What is TAXI-OKO?).