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Offer for companies

NAJ TAXI 196 66 – Your business partner!!

We would like to introduce you our offer of the complex taxi service.

We offer non-cash rides according to the agreement, password, client’s number and vouchers’ agreement. We assure currently complete monitoring of the non-cash rides.

We suggest the system of the non-cash setting for driving by our taxi. At the end of the month we draw the sumary VAT invoice ( with full information about orders made).

It simplifies you the transport of your employees, your guests, contractors and other people.

We suggest you buying coupons for our taxis’ rides. The value of the bought coupons will be enlarged 7% of VAT tax rate. The cash-desk of the Association will give the coupons and Draw the VAT invoice as soon as contractor pays in the total amount of money.
The passenger of the taxi, settle accounts with the taxi driver using the coupons, just after the ride according to the taximeter’s indication. If the value of the coupon is lower than the taximeter’s indication, it is possible to pay the disparity in cash. The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.

The basis of setting here is the agreement. Vouchers are ( forms of the exact setting) bills, which become the part of the summary VAT invoice, that NAJ-TAXI draws within the given time. You can fully control both the quantity and the time of using vouchers.

We offer you hiring the advertising space on our cars.We can offer the area of car-body and windows of our cars etc.:
rear window: ONE WAY VISION foil or the narrow strip on wings and the hatch,
covers with your logo on headrests,
common business card: NAJ-TAXI on the one side, contactor on the other.
The charge depends on the area taken and the time of the display. The conractor bear all costs of the project and ready-made elements of the advertisement.

If you are interested in our offer, we invite you to the contact section.


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